my name is Amy.
I currently am living in the bush of Alaska, and am recently engaged to my best friend.
Life is full of wedding planning and the like.
I love Jesus with all my heart, and desire to serve Him with my life.
I love writing about life, adventures, what I am learning, new thoughts and ideas, and things that I am passionate about.


I am… always learning new things. and desiring to grow and be challenged
I want… to live everyday for the glory of Christ
I have… the best family in the world. so thankful for them
I wish…I had a beautiful singing voice
I hate… animated movies. green olives. and sushi
 I fear…regrets
I hear… music. I love it.  the only genre I can’t stand (I mean can’t) is country
I search…my heart to be thankful everyday
I wonder…when Jesus will come back
I regret… not showing Christ’s love to people I could have
I love…my fiance!, family. my friends. coffee. shopping at thrift stores. making cookies. and eating them. o and Christmas. definitely Christmas
I ache…for souls that are lost in the world. people that don’t know Jesus
I always…journal.  it is the best way for me to debrief my life. to process. and to document
I usually…enjoy cleaning
I am not…fearless. I am scared of lots of stuff. definitely not a daredevil- in fact sometimes I don’t even enjoy things that are perfectly safe
I dance…yeah. I can’t dance
I sing…a lot by myself. and really can’t sing in front of others
I never…want to simply watch life pass me by. everyday there are lessons to be learned and joy to be found.
I cry…regularly. i think it’s good to just cry like once a week or so. and any time the occasion calls for it
 I am not always…the best listener. i can be. but sometimes I find myself just wanting to talk. i hate that
I lose…things. no i don’t. i can’t stand losing stuff. and it rarely happens to me.
I am confused…by time zones. technology. watching football
I need…sunshine. family. friends. coffee. good books. okay really the only thing. Jesus.
I should…go to Europe someday