Better Half a Camping Trip Than No Camping Trip At All

A couple of weeks ago- Adam and I had planned an overnight camping trip south of Anchorage.  I was looking forward to it all week- the weather was perfect- and we were all packed and ready to go.

As we began our drive, I didn’t realize that we would be driving such a beautiful route right along the coast!  We had picked up a couple of Iced Teas before leaving town and it was a hot day, so without AC in our car we were driving with our windows down and it was a perfect summertime day.  We were in awe of how beautiful the drive was, and honestly feel as if we could have just been happy driving the Seward Highway all day!

We stopped at a campground that turned out to be not what we wanted- and it also had a fire ban- so we decided to continue on in our search for a good camping spot!
We found one about 30 miles further in Portage Pass called Williwaw Creek Campground, and it was BEAUTIFUL!  The sites were very wooded and it was quiet and private.  We were so thankful for such a beautiful spot.

As we got ready to set up our tent and settle in a bit- we realized that we had remembered everything we needed except ONE thing that turned out to be really important- the tent poles!  Big bummer.
We considered sleeping outside, or in our car, but the weather in the valley can be quite harsh and unpredictable with lots of rain and high winds….and sleeping in the car just seemed like it would be VERY uncomfortable!  So we decided to hike around for a while and then come back to our campsite for a fire and some quality talking time before driving back home into an incredible sunset!

(Fun Fact: the Chugach National Forest was selected to supply the 2015 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree!)

I am such a planner, so it was hard for me to be okay with changing our plans to not actually “camp” overnight- but Adam was super gracious in helping to make the whole experience fun regardless of forgetting the tent poles.
When we got back into town we drove out by the airport to see the last of the sunset and to watch a couple of 747’s land, which is always really fun!

One of my favorite things about camping are the campfire conversations….I think they might be the best you can have.  Something about the fresh air, the charm of the fire in front of you and the lack of the everyday distractions.  So even though we didn’t make it overnight- we still had a blast and really enjoyed our time!

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