Cannon Elijah

Two weeks ago we had our big ultrasound to check on baby and to find out whether we would be having a son or a daughter- and to our surprise and excitement- we are having a BOY!

We were anticipating finding out the gender SO much- just ready to stop calling our baby “it”, and to be able to talk about him by name, to pray for him by name, and to look forward to the future with his life feeling really tangible.

We woke up early, I literally felt like it was Christmas morning and we headed out.  My stomach hurt and my hands were sweating cause I was so excited/nervous.  We had a wonderful ultrasound technician who was just super kind and really took time and care to ensure that we knew what we were looking at on the ultrasound.  It was
i n c r e d i b l e  to see his spine, his sweet profile, and his perfect little hands and feet.  He was moving around a lot and swallowing a lot during the ultrasound.  For a little bit he was tapping his one foot and keeping pretty good rhythm!  Talented little man :)

Watching a sweet little human life on ultrasound like that, you can’t help but just praise God and be overwhelmed at His creativity and goodness.

When she was near the end of getting all the measurements she needed and was about to tell us the gender- we were on the edge of our seats!  It was crazy to hear her say that clearly he was a boy!  I had really thought it was a boy for most of this pregnancy, but recently both of us had been leaning a bit more towards girl.

Either way we would have been crazy thankful and excited.  The main thing that we are praising the Lord for is healthy growth and strength for this little man as he keeps on getting bigger!

After the ultrasound, we went to Target and picked out a few outfits for Cannon.  I hadn’t bought anything at all baby related, and it was so fun just to pick out something special for our son!

A lot of people have asked where his name came from, so here’s how we decided on Cannon Elijah:

Cannon was a name that we thought of probably a year ago while on a hike when we lived in Port Alsworth.  I think we were just discussing when we might like to start a family and talking about a good timeline for us.  We threw out a few baby names we liked and one of them was Cannon.  Adam initially didn’t like it at all, but really warmed up to it since finding out that we were pregnant this fall.

Cannon is a French name that means “young wolf, or an official in the church”- and I will be honest and say that we picked it not because it has a deep meaning, but because we just really liked it.  We love the sound with our last name, it’s very manly, and we felt like it was the perfect balance of unique and interesting without being weird or obscure.

Elijah means “Jehovah is God” which of course we love.  Elijah is also one of my favorite characters in the Bible and we love the man that he was in his generation- a voice, a leader, a man of faithfulness.  He certainly wasn’t perfect, but God used him in the midst of his human frailties.

We couldn’t be happier about Cannon’s life and can’t wait to meet him in April.
Thank you all SO much for being excited with us on this journey, and for your prayers for us as we start a new chapter.

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