Dear cannon

Dear Cannon,

From the moment that you were a dream in our hearts- we have loved you.  Since finding out that you were growing in my womb on August 12th 2015, we have thanked the Lord for you and treasured your life.

At 10 weeks we were blown away by getting to hear your precious heartbeat.  All your growing and developing in those first weeks made me SO sick and I threw up multiple times a day for weeks and weeks but the minute I saw your sweet face and hands on our 20 week ultrasound, I thought “I would totally do that again!”
Your dad was so surprised when the ultrasound tech told us you were a boy- and I started crying. We were so thankful for a healthy baby boy.

I am so thankful for a healthy body and a safe place for you to grow and develop before we get to hold you in our arms.
God is such a good Creator, and we feel super blessed to be entrusted with your sweet little life.

I have loved every kick and wiggle and stretch, and feel so honored to be the one who gets to be your mama.

We love to talk about what you might look like, whether you’ll have hair (after all this heartburn we sure hope so!),  how much you’ll weigh, and what your personality will be like.

Parenting feels daunting, and we know we’re gonna make mistakes along the way, but we promise to work together and to trust the Lord to teach you the most important things in life.  If we can introduce you to Jesus and help you follow Him with your life,
that’s all we can really ask.

Sweet Cannon, we can’t wait to see your face, to kiss your cheeks and to watch you grow.
Always know how very much you are loved by your
super lucky Mom and Dad.
Anytime you’re ready to come out and meet us,
we’ll be here!

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