Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 17-22

I didn’t document with photos too much during the first trimester- that’s mostly because I didn’t look pregnant at all, but by 17 weeks I had a cute little belly going on.
I have written a lot down in my journal about thoughts/emotions/feelings during this time and wanted to write it out here as well!

  • Still waiting to find out baby’s gender and SO excited!
  • Patiently waiting to feel baby move. I spend time every morning with both hands on my belly praying for our little one and so excited to feel movement!
  • Started wearing maternity pants this week and they really helped me feel a lot more confident and comfortable with a growing belly.
  • BAD heartburn!  Not a fun symptom, but certainly better than vomiting.
  • Only randomly throwing up maybe once a week at this point.
  • We have a boys name chosen and finalized (from about week 6 or 7), and finally finalized girls name this week!

  • Started feeling baby kicks at 19 weeks exactly and LOVED it! Such a special and precious feeling to have the reassurance of movement.
  • Found out that we are having a baby BOY!  Loving calling Cannon by name and praying for his tiny little life.
  • So much thankfulness that everything from the ultrasound looked really great, and that Cannon is growing and is doing so well!
  • Still bad heartburn.
  • Adam was also able to feel Cannon kick!
  • Feeling like my belly is sticking out more and more- although a customer at work told me I looked “skinny”…they meant it as a compliment and I didn’t bother to inform them that I was in fact 5 months pregnant.
  • Overall feeling really great!

  • The main thing is- I need to be aware of where the bathroom is at all times.  This bladder is getting weak and in need of bathroom breaks pretty often!
  • Feeling more comfortable with being pregnant now that my belly is getting more and more round.
  • Feeling Cannon kick SO much and just loving every minute of it!
  • Made our first purchase for Cannon on Cyber Monday- something he will be using a lot of- cloth diapers!
  • Still having a lot of icky heartburn.
  • My lower back has been SO sore, and I’ve been trying to combat that with a lot of stretching and yoga.
  • Feeling incredibly grateful to be this little boys’ mom!

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