Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 25-26

  • This week my uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball!
  • My belly was definitely very itchy this week, so I was extra careful about applying a good amount of lotion/coconut oil a couple of times a day.
  • Still quite a bit of lower back pain.
  • Simultaneously feeling like April is AGES away, and like it right around the corner!
  • Feeling Cannon move around and kick his little legs brings such joy to my day.  I literally can’t help but smile whenever I feel him move.
  • Heartburn err-day.
  • Wearing exclusively maternity pants, but still quite a few of my normal tops.  I have been lucky to find quite a few good maternity pieces at local thrift stores which has been nice.

  • Last week of the 2nd trimester!
  • This week the heartburn has subsided!! So glad for that, and confused a bit about why it suddenly stopped, but I will definitely take it!
  • Cannon weighs approximately 2 lbs this week, and is about 14 inches long!  Yay baby, keep on growing!
  • Cannon’s movement and kicking this week have been much stronger and much more consistent than any week thus far- he is certainly moving around a lot, and I really really love it.
  • This week started the beginning of bi-weekly appointments with our midwife- everything looked great at our appointment and our sweet little guy seems to be growing right on track and looking very healthy, so we are incredibly thankful for that!
  • Some days I feel and look more pregnant than others, but I will be honest I think that all of the photos I have taken so far make my belly look bigger than it actually is….strangers still wouldn’t recognize that I am pregnant I don’t think- other than maybe from the belly holding that I do a lot these days!
  • Overall during this week I have felt probably the best in pregnancy so far- which has been a big blessing!

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