Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 27-28

  • 27 weeks marked the first week in my third trimester! Under three months till we get to hold our baby in our arms.
  • No heartburn again this week, and I was all about that!
  • Still am loving watching my belly move around while Cannon stretches out and kicks around in there. It’s pretty fascinating and just really fun to watch!
  • We have started to nest more this week! We have a lot of the big things that we need for him and are starting to get organized for his arrival.
  • Work has been starting to feel a lot more difficult- I don’t plan on quitting yet, but I am always SO glad to get home at night and take a warm bath.

  • The heartburn returned with a vengeance this week, which was very disappointing.
  • This week we signed up for a birth class at our birth center for the end of February.
  • I feel like the 28th week was the most noticeable growth of my belly this whole pregnancy- which I have heard is common around the beginning of the third trimester.
  • This was the first week that I really felt sort of just a general “discomfort”.  Whether from leaning over to tie my shoes or paint my nails- or from getting off the couch or out of bed- my protruding belly and the weight that I have gained are catching up to me!
  • Adam has been such an encouragement to me about my changing body and about any physical discomforts that I have been feeling.  Before we went to bed the other night he gave my a hug and said “thanks for carrying Cannon” which I thought was so kind and thoughtful and just sweet of him to say.  I feel pretty lucky to be starting a family with him, cause he’s pretty great, and I think Cannon is a lucky little guy to have a dad like him.

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