Growing baby cannon weeks 29-30

  • Cannon weighs about 3 lbs now! He’s getting big and I am definitely feeling that!
  • My lower back has been in a lot of pain during this week.
  • Cannon is the most active at night when we are waiting for Adam to get home from work- I lay in bed with my hands on my belly and talk to him and pray for him, and I just love that time.
  • The worst thing lately has been the rib pain- it’s very uncomfortable, and makes sitting for long stretches of time at church or what not, very hard to do.
  • I have continued to have terrible heartburn/acid reflux.
  • I think I tell Adam every single day that I “almost peed my pants” haha, it’s a struggle.
  • 30 weeks!  Yay!  10 more to go till our sweet guy is here!
  • This was the toughest week physically so far (at least since the 1st trimester).  Work was pretty difficult for me, and by the end of a shift I was pretty exhausted and most certainly in need of a warm bath.
  • Still a lot of back pain and rib pain this week.
  • Adam got me a prenatal massage for my birthday that I cashed in on this week!  It was super relaxing and felt amazing.
  • Definitely stronger and more intense movements.  They have now woken me up sometimes or caused me to catch my breath.  It’s so fun though and I would NOT trade them.  A few times now Adam and I both have been able to feel either his hand or foot moving around- which is CRAZY and so weird, but really awesome.
  • We love this little baby so very much already!

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