Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 31-32

  • Down to 9 weeks give or take till we get to hold our sweet baby in our arms!  We are getting SO excited!
  • Work is getting more and more tricky- but I put in my notice this week and have about a month left!
  • This active little guy is constantly kicking, punching, and stretching his legs throughout the day…and I love every minute of it!
  • This week I had a lot of acid fun.
  • I have been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now- I feel them on the daily n
  • ow.
  • Sneezing is dangerous business….all I can do is just hope for the best!

  • Pregnancy is really more like 10 months all said and done…and everyone seems to count things a bit differently- but for me- I’m calling this 8 months pregnant, and that feels crazy!
  • He has been moving like crazy this week! Adam and I have spent lots of time feeling him kick around and we both are so in awe of this whole process….plus we’re wondering, “what is he doing in there???” :)
  • I got to feel hiccups this week!  Such a funny sensation, and really adorable!
  • Still a lot of back and rib pain….this little boy is all up in my business and quite literally taking over a lot of the space that I have been used to having all for myself (selfish lungs and bladder and intestines…haha)
  • We have been SO thankful for our midwives and so far have had wonderful prenatal care.  At our last appointment, all seemed well and he was kicking away as she measured and took his heart rate.  She did say that he is still kind of sideways in my belly- and hopefully before our next appointment he will decide to turn head down!
  • Sleeping is getting a little bit harder…as turning over in the night and frequent bathroom trips are pretty distracting.  Overall though, I really haven’t had any trouble with sleep during pregnancy other than bad dreams.
  • Adam told me that this week he is the most excited he has been…I think because with my growing belly and all the movement he has gotten to feel, it’s starting to seem a bit more real to him, which is so fun!
  • Cannon is roughly 16 1/2 to 17 inches long this week and almost 4 lbs!

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