Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 35-36

  • Nasty acid reflux this week
    I have hated that feeling SO much!  Although the papaya enzymes really help a lot, it’s still a really frustrating symptom.
  • I have not really been extra tired or sleepy during this pregnancy….which I have been very thankful for. But this week I really did feel some extra sleepiness. Thankfully I have been sleeping very well!
  • Lots of rib pain this week- hoping that maybe as Cannon starts to drop, some of that pain will be alleviated.
  • Probably one of my most emotional weeks thus far. I think his arrival has just started to feel really close, and although I am very excited, there were just so many emotions going on for me.  It’s a whole new life change and adjustment and I couldn’t be more thankful for this, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not going to feel a little bit overwhelming at times.

  • Since I am home and done with work…comfy clothes are becoming pretty normal!
  • I am moving a lot slower these days and definitely have a waddle going on.
  • This week I got a ton done as far as getting organized and ready for him to BE HERE with us! We are really trying to get all the loose ends wrapped up so that we can settle in and just enjoy these last few weeks before his arrival.
  • We had some friends staying with us this week who had a little baby girl (about 10 months old), and it made Adam and I so excited to see her crawling around our little house and letting her break in some of Cannon’s toys!
  • I still feel like I start the days well- and then just sort of fizzle out the later it gets.
  • We have once a week appointments now with our midwives- which is awesome because we really enjoy them!  He is still head down at this point.
  • We are already so smitten with our baby boy and can’t wait to see his sweet little face!

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