Growing baby cannon weeks 37-38

  • We feel so grateful to have reached 37 weeks!  The longer Cannon stays put in my belly- the better.  Since we are planning a birth with midwives at a birth center- we needed to be past 37 weeks to deliver there, so it’s definitely made us breathe easier.
  • Cannon definitely dropped this week-which is good and all part of the process- but was SUPER uncomfortable.  Thankfully I have a really patient husband who helped me pull on my jeans and tied my shoes for me. There were a couple of days that I could actually barely walk just with the position that he was in, but thankfully it was alleviated within a few days and I felt a lot better.
  • This week I was really hungry!  Considering how much weight Cannon is putting on at this point, I guess that makes sense!
  • Our midwives have guessed that if we do go to our due date- he will probably weigh in the low 7 lbs or about 7 and a half.
  • Got all my newborn diapers prepped and ready this week- and we basically finished all of the last minute things we wanted to get done/organized just in case he decides to come early at all.

  • This week I felt so much better!  And although with an even bigger tummy than last week- more comfortable.
    I have been taking lots of walks and bouncing away on my yoga ball to help keep him in a good position for birth!
  • Our midwife said he is definitely low and it could be any day….but we also know that babies do their own thing and we could be waiting 3 more weeks!
  • Still super hungry this week- I actually gained 2 whole pounds this week! haha, good thing this journey is almost done!
  • We are so excited at this point to meet our little man!
  • I took a breastfeeding class this week that was super informative and made me feel a lot more prepared and empowered for that part of mothering. I am very thankful for the good resources that we’ve had access to at our birth center.

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