Hello October

Hello October- and hello FALL!  :)  
It’s official!  At least here in Alaska- we are full on in fall weather!  Our mornings are crispy as I like to call them…and we have been having beautiful sunny yet brisk afternoons for hiking, which I have been loving!

It’s a mere 27 degrees this morning…..and our days are getting shorter and shorter!  Sunrise is at 8:24am, and sunset at 7:49pm.

October has to be one of my favorite months!  It’s all fall to me, and such a good kick off to the beginning of the holiday season!

This last month was definitely good– but seemed to totally fly by!  It was my first month since summer not working again…but it felt pretty busy overall.  Lots of time to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen much through the summer, and a good time to work on a new routine.  I have done tons of hiking- which is always awesome….and it’s beautiful friends.  What a blessing to live in a place with such gorgeous scenery!
Another highlight for us has been kayaking this month!  Some people in town are graciously letting us borrow their kayaks…and we LOVE it!  Such a beautiful way to get out on the water!  Sorry for all the instagram pictures of kayaking…but I can’t help it- it’s so pretty!  :)

September photos:

O C T O B E R  G O A L S :

– LOOK for the Northern Lights
 Make a festive fall brunch (a group of friends and I had a “fall brunch” a few years ago- and it seems like a wonderful tradition to me!)
– Be outside lots
– Write letters to friends/family
– Make time for/seek out ways to be creative
– Be a good friend (I am challenged in remembering that this sometimes takes work/time/care/thought)

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What about you….what does YOUR October look like?  Corn mazes and apple picking??
What is one thing you want to be intentional about this month?


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