I Want To Remember


We’re a month into our lives with Cannon and I find myself encouraged each day to see him growing and getting bigger, but also sad that already things are going quickly. There are so many little moments and memories that I just want to bottle up and never forget.
It’s been such a good reminder to me to treasure life in the moment because you’ll never get it back. Cannon will never be this little again, he’ll never be a newborn again, and life as it is today will never be exactly the same.

Cannon is so sweet and cuddly….I want to remember:

  • the calmness that comes over him when I lay him on my chest
  • the gurgle in his throat when he cries really hard
  • the way he desperately sucks on his pacifier sometimes
  • the feel of his brand new baby skin
  • how ADORABLE his tiny hands and ears and little nose are
  • how he loves diaper changes and does this weird deep breathing and blowing bubbles during them
  • the way he looks into my eyes when I give him baths
  • seeing him snuggled up with Adam, looking very similar but so much smaller
  • his little lion sounds when he yawns
  • the sound of his sweet little newborn cry
  • the feel of his tiny body tucked into mine when I put him on my shoulder to burp him
  • his sleeping/contented smiles when he has a clean diaper and a full tummy
  • the heaviness of his eyelids when he’s trying to fight off sleep

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