Making Lattes Means Something

I don’t talk a lot about my job here or online at all, it’s just something I tend to keep pretty separate.  But I wanted to share some things I have learned lately in the area of shame related to what you do for employment.

I currently work at Starbucks as a barista- and I really love it.  Mind you it’s not something I would want to (or plan to for that matter) do for the rest of my life- but it’s a fun job, keeps me super busy, and works awesome for my schedule.

You would think that would be enough right, that I enjoy it?
This summer a lot of times- thoughts would creep up in my mind though of embarrassment that I “just work at Starbucks”.
As we were meeting new people and introducing ourselves I would find myself shying away from that question and answering as if, “oh…it’s really boring and not important and kinda dumb…. j u s t  Starbucks”

As people sit around and talk about their occupations, job titles, and struggles at work- I often felt “job shame” like what I do for employment is so much lesser than someone who has a job that requires a college degree or has a fancier title.

I have felt over the years at some points embarrassed that the only jobs I am really “qualified for” are watching other people’s kids and making coffee….and that feels hard sometimes in a world that pushes careers and women in the workforce so strongly.

Here’s the thing though– I am really growing in this area, and regardless of what anyone might think, I am proud of my job at Starbucks and my role there…and I am t h a n k f u l  to have a good job.  Work is about so much more than your title or even your pay grade- it’s about the quality of work that you do, the attitude in which you do it with, and the fact that work itself is sacred no matter what it is.

Making lattes, wiping counters down, warming up sandwiches, and stocking milk is good work and valuable work- because it needs done.
And for the record- working as a barista calls for quick thinking, crazy multitasking, excellent customer service, and in general, hard work- and there’s definitely no shame in that.

Recently I was telling my husband how thankful I am for my job because I feel like it’s exactly the place that I should be.  I am so thankful for the relationships that I have at work and the ways that I have felt challenged to really depend on the Lord for my actions and words.  I love the interaction that I have with regular customers who stop by and the camaraderie that I have with my co-workers as we make coffee for the masses.

All of this to say that really, no matter what it is that you earn a paycheck from, whether it’s answering phones, scrubbing toilets, mowing lawns, or working an assembly line, you are there for a reason to do the best work that you can, to be a testimony, and to create meaningful relationships with those you are around.  Knowing and remembering the greater goal and bigger purpose of our lives here on earth can really get us through the hard days and the tedious-ness of some of days of work.  So wash those dishes, clean up after those kids, change that oil, or bag those groceries as unto the Lord.

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