Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas Everyone!  This time of year is just wonderful!

One of my favorite traditions is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards from family and friends!  I love hearing updates in a more personal way about people’s year and how their family is doing, as well as having such fun and festive photos/cards to add to my refrigerator.

Here is the photo and the newsletter that we sent out this year!

Merry Christmas!

As cliche as it is to say- it feels like we blinked and this year was gone! The Christmas season is here again and we will be ringing in a new year in just a couple of weeks! As quickly as 2015 went, we also feel like SO very much happened and this year was a full one for us.

This year we saw so many sweet reminders of God’s faithfulness and goodness to us. In April we moved from Port Alsworth to Anchorage, for a new job for Adam. In May he successfully passed all of his testing after working for 2 1/2 years as an apprentice and received all the paperwork to be a officially licensed Airplane Mechanic! It feels like a huge accomplishment, and we are so thankful. He has been learning a lot in his new job and is thankful for good co-workers and a chance to build some really great experience. God opened so many doors for us in Anchorage and we definitely know this is where we are supposed to be for now, which is a great feeling.

Amy has gotten back to her Barista roots and has been working at Starbucks here in Anchorage. She has enjoyed the job a lot and it’s been a great place to work. She has a lot of really great co-workers and definitely enjoys the camaraderie, the relationships with regular customers, and the free coffee!

We learned a lot moving to the “city” as we transitioned to a bit more of a normal way of life than we had been used to for the past several years. It’s been fun to experience new things together, and to see all the growth in our lives over the past year.

We had such a fun summer adventuring around Alaska. We camped and hiked a lot and were able to take several road trips to see more of this beautiful state. We have loved seeing new sights and getting to build beautiful memories together.

This fall we were able to spend time in Nashville, TN celebrating Amy’s brother’s wedding and having a family reunion of sorts. It was a huge blessing to be able to see so much of the family and to have a time to reconnect with people we love and care about so much.

This fall we were thrilled to be able to announce that we’d be adding another Hodgdon to our clan in the spring. We are due with our sweet son Cannon Elijah in April, and are so looking forward to his arrival! Children are a blessing from the Lord and we are so thankful for this addition to our family that has already brought us so much joy.

As the year comes to a close, and we reflect on all that this last year has brought our way, our hearts are filled with thankfulness for all the blessings in our lives- the little things and the big things. We are thankful for God’s grace in the midst of everyday life and decisions, and are challenged to live our lives seeking to be a blessing and testimony to others. 

We hope that this Christmas season brings much joy to your hearts as we all are reminded of the incredible gift of God’s only Son, our Salvation.


Adam and Amy Hodgdon

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