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Traditions are fascinating to me.  I love that they are part of our culture, but also what helps to make each family unique.  I love to hear how people celebrate holidays, birthday, or anniversaries.  Hearing about special things that families do throughout the year….or things that have been passed down through generations is really special.

I love traditions, and even as a tiny person…they were always important to me.  I think it’s because life is always changing so much, and so few things in this fragile life of ours are really sure.  Growing up, our family had lots of precious traditions and things we did that were really sweet and fun.  It gave us lots to look forward to throughout the year, and I loved that.

There were 8 kids in our family growing up, and I have such fond memories of my childhood.
From my mom reading to us, making us our favorite meals on our birthday, and surrounding Christmas and Thanksgiving with delicious meals and treats that were special, to my dad always filming us looking for presents on our birthdays, to dressing up as a shepherd named Azer at Christmas to tell us the Christmas story.  From sharing a room with my baby sisters and insisting on breastfeeding our dolls, to playing family games of kickball and croquet, going on family walks, and promising my big brothers I would never get married.  From playing golf on the 3 hole golf course my dad made on our property, to eating pancakes cooked in bacon grease over a fire on a cast iron pan made from a washing machine that was my grandfathers while we were camping.  From throwing fits about homeschool math, to having “Camp Coyote” with my siblings (an at home camp we made for ourselves each summer).

Good days.  As Adam and I are just starting out our marriage and our home together, I am so curious what our traditions will be.  What will our traditions be with each other, what things will we do with our kids someday?  Where will our favorite places to go be? Our favorite Holiday meals?  What things will we take from his family and from mine….and what things will be all ours?

Traditions can’t be contrived or just thought up, so I am anxious to see what things we will look back on and realize have become traditions for us.

I would love to hear a fun family tradition that you have- so please share in the comments!

And if you are newly married- have you found this to be a fun process as well?

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