November Days

It has very quickly turned from fall to winter here.  Temperatures have dropped, coats are a must, and instead of leaves falling to the ground- it’s snowflakes!

I am a fair weather winter fan…so for now I LOVE the snow and the cold- but after Christmas time or so it’s gets a bit harder for me.
Thankfully that’s when the days start to get longer and you can see spring in the distance.  Plus we have a pretty exciting addition being added to our lives in the spring, so that gives us lots to plan and prepare for in these winter months as we look forward to the arrival of our sweet Baby.

For now though we are very much looking forward to this Holiday season.  We are in such a different place not just physically but emotionally and mentally than last year around this time since we moved this year and are expecting a little one.  We are not going to be traveling at all for Thanksgiving or Christmas- so we’re looking forward to working on traditions and special things for our family.

We bought a Christmas tree this week that was on sale at Michaels- and it took everything inside me to leave it in the box when we got home- since we plan on waiting till after Thanksgiving to decorate our house for Christmas.  I always think it’s so fun and special to set things up in a cozy way for the month of December.

We’ve been living in Anchorage for over 6 months now which feels crazy- but we’re so thankful for where God has brought us and the ways that He’s working in our lives.  We are continually thankful for our apartment and the space we have to use ourselves and to hopefully be a blessing to others with.

We have settled into a church that we really love and are excited about and that feels like a huge blessing.  Finding community is tricky- and it’s been so awesome to feel welcomed into a church family and to begin to build some relationships there.

Pregnancy is getting better and better– the first trimester knocked me down for sure but I really have started to feel a lot better.  I told my sisters that I finally am starting to actually feel pregnant instead of just feeling like I have bad food poisoning!  Each week things change though and that feels like it’s making the time go by quickly!  We are almost 19 weeks- which means we’re close to half-way and almost ready to find out if our sweet baby is a boy or a girl!
We’re so excited to know the gender.  We have our names picked out and can’t wait to start calling our little one by name and continuing to look forward to his/her arrival.

I spend time each morning when I first wake up with my hands on my stomach praying for our baby and hoping that soon I will start to feel some kicks in there.

I don’t necessarily look pregnant quite yet to where a stranger would know- but this belly is definitely beginning to pop out- which is fun.  And it’s not that I can’t button my jeans anymore- I just refuse to because it’s not comfortable anymore.  I have been rubber banding them for a few weeks and wearing a belly-band, which is lots more comfortable.

Adam did buy me two pairs of maternity pants this week though that are making my life MUCH more comfortable and confident with a belly that’s sticking out.

In this season of  t h a n k f u l n e s s  it feels like the blessings in our lives are abundant, and we are praying that we steward this season well in our lives as we trust God for each new day.

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