One Sweet Year And a Half

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays- I just love that it’s smack dab in the middle of summer, and different from the winter holidays, it’s filled with swimming and BBQ’s and hot weather.  I love it even more now that Adam and I can celebrate with one another our “half anniversary”…..I would celebrate every half holiday if I could!  Our anniversary is January 4th- and I honestly think that some years we might do something more for our anniversary over July 4th, just because summer is so fun and winter can limit the options sometimes for getaways or what not.

Adam and I didn’t do a ton for this “half anniversary” but we had a four day weekend together which was amazing and so fun!  We spent a ton of time outside hiking around, playing tennis, exploring Anchorage, and playing Blokus which we found for 2.99 at the thrift store.  We went and did a little photo-shoot  to capture this season in our lives.  It’s so so special to me to have these memories!  My sweet (and incredibly handsome) husband is such a good sport to get out and take photos with me…despite all the funny and bad photos due to the trusty tripod method!

I think sometimes it’s easy to just settle in with wedding photos you have of yourselves for years and years- but I don’t know…I think as a couple you grow and change and you know each other a lot better than your wedding day.  So for me, capturing these new seasons we’re coming upon is really special.  Our love is going to root deeper and grow stronger with each passing year by God’s grace, and photos are a beautiful reminder to me of how much we have to be thankful for.

Marriage has been such a growing experience, and it’s been so wonderful.  Because life is hard and some days are tough….I think it’s SO important to celebrate.  Whether it’s birthdays, holidays, or half-anniversaries….I think celebration is a beautiful reminder of the good on the days that feel boring or bleak or just plain bad.

I know for me– seeing pictures of Adam and I and remembering the emotions and the circumstances we were walking through in that season is really special.  It’s always an encouragement to my heart to remember the love that we share and the covenant relationship that we hold so dear.

Love is sweet….and I am a lucky lady.  That’s all really. 


I hope you all had a happy 4th of July- and that you are reminded today to treasure the season you are in, and to be thankful for all the good!

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