Family of T H R E E


Several weeks ago on a beautiful day we decided to get out and capture some photos of this season of our lives and I am so grateful for these pictures. Cannon was 5 1/2 weeks old here and I know we’ll treasure these photos of us as a brand new family.  Cannon is growing so quickly and this time is passing by a little quicker than I wish it would.

Life is way too short to not marry your very best friend– and I can truly say that with each day my friendship with Adam grows and I couldn’t be more thankful for the little man we get to raise together.
Cannon looks a lot like his dad, which I think is so fun- and we are definitely enjoying figuring out all the ins and outs of life with our little guy.

Watching Adam be a dad is the best.

He is a wonderful father and I am so proud of the way he loves our son.
Adam and I met almost 7 years ago- and never did I think that this is where I would be now- married to him with our first little baby and living in Alaska.  But God is so good and here we are!  I’m thankful for the father figure Cannon will have in his life….someone to look up to, to learn from, and to laugh with.


Not sure if I ever had a “pregnancy glow” but I think maybe I might have a “new baby glow” if that’s a thing….because I am loving being a mom and I’m so grateful to get to play this role in Cannon’s life.  Being a wife and a mama have long been dreams of mine and my heart is really full in this new season of taking care of my little man.
He brings me tons and tons of joy, and taking care of him has been so fulfilling for my mama heart.
This is a special season and a new adventure for us and I am so thankful for God’s grace to us.

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I Want To Remember


We’re a month into our lives with Cannon and I find myself encouraged each day to see him growing and getting bigger, but also sad that already things are going quickly. There are so many little moments and memories that I just want to bottle up and never forget.
It’s been such a good reminder to me to treasure life in the moment because you’ll never get it back. Cannon will never be this little again, he’ll never be a newborn again, and life as it is today will never be exactly the same.

Cannon is so sweet and cuddly….I want to remember:

  • the calmness that comes over him when I lay him on my chest
  • the gurgle in his throat when he cries really hard
  • the way he desperately sucks on his pacifier sometimes
  • the feel of his brand new baby skin
  • how ADORABLE his tiny hands and ears and little nose are
  • how he loves diaper changes and does this weird deep breathing and blowing bubbles during them
  • the way he looks into my eyes when I give him baths
  • seeing him snuggled up with Adam, looking very similar but so much smaller
  • his little lion sounds when he yawns
  • the sound of his sweet little newborn cry
  • the feel of his tiny body tucked into mine when I put him on my shoulder to burp him
  • his sleeping/contented smiles when he has a clean diaper and a full tummy
  • the heaviness of his eyelids when he’s trying to fight off sleep

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Cannon’s birth story


For the last couple of weeks before Cannon was born– I was walking like a mad woman and bouncing on my yoga ball- trying to make sure Cannon was in a good position for birth, and possibly trying to encourage him to come a bit early.
I admit that I was not the most patient in those last weeks of pregnancy- it was so hard for me to not “know” when he was gonna decide to come and to have all the unknowns of labor and delivery before me.

God’s timing is good and perfect and we can always trust Him.

As I look back on Cannon’s birth– I would not change a single thing about it. It will always hold a precious place in my heart and be one of my most cherished days.

On April 10th at 38 weeks 6 days pregnant– Adam and I went to church and then in the afternoon I went to a meeting at church that lasted several hours.  So I was sitting basically all day.  I got in the car after the meeting at church and was going to meet Adam at his work to have supper together.
I had been having Braxton Hicks for weeks, but I started feeling some contractions that felt a little bit more serious.  Adam and I both started getting excited- thinking this might be the real thing!

I went home from Adam’s work and started timing the contractions- they were maybe 6-8 min apart- and definitely pretty uncomfortable for me.  So- I made chocolate chips cookies, naturally….took a bath, and tried to keep myself distracted.  Adam ended up coming home from work a couple of hours early to be with me.  We watched Fixer Upper and I bounced on my yoga ball….and then we decided we better try to get some sleep.

The contractions had picked up a bit and were pretty consistently 5 min apart lasting about a minute.  I never really got to sleep and we called the midwife around 3 am when they were 4 min apart.  She suggested that we really try to get some sleep and if we couldn’t- to try a few different labor positions.  They increased in strength for a while and sleep was just not coming.
Early early in the morning they subsided a bit and I was able to sleep for an hour or two.  In the morning we called the midwife and she wanted us to come in a get checked.  We went in at about 10:30am and were so excited to hear that I was almost fully effaced and 5 cm dilated!  When she told us that….we looked at each other and then back at her and were like “so, what exactly does that mean?”
“that means you’re going to have a baby- today!”

So many emotions!  We were so excited and a bit scared and definitely not sure how the day would go exactly!
We went home and ate a good lunch (hamburgers!) and grabbed our bags before heading back to the birth center around 1:30pm.

When we got there- our midwife could tell that the contractions had definitely picked up- and suggested we do some walking.  It was a beautiful day so Adam and I did several laps outside the birth center- he kindly tried to distract me in conversation….and didn’t care about the weird looks people would give us when I had a contraction and needed to lean over completely and put my arms around his neck.

We came back inside and for the rest of the afternoon we tried all kinds of positions- I took a couple of showers, did some squats, laid down to rest for a bit- and just tried to keep really active and to keep labor moving along.
Late in the afternoon or early evening- she checked me again and I was at 6 cm dilation.  That was a bit discouraging after all the work that we had done all afternoon.  Adam didn’t waiver in his encouragement though, and our midwife was awesome in suggesting that we go walk the stairs for a while.  We did- and it was NOT fun, but highly effective!
By that point I was VERY vocal and in a lot of pain from the contractions.  They were picking up and getting really strong.  I would focus through them, moan and groan and breathe them out…and then afterwards say “that was hard, that was so hard!”

Around maybe 8pm she checked me again and I was 8 cm.  She brought up the option of possibly breaking my water to help baby get lower onto my cervix.  We wanted to let it happen on its own and we labored for a little while longer before deciding that it was the right choice for us as I was VERY tired from so little sleep the night before.

When she did go to break my water- they kept a VERY close eye on baby to make sure he handled it all well- and it took her a little bit to break it- she commented that it was probably the toughest bag of waters that she has ever broken!
Once that happened- things moved along a lot quicker!  I decided to get into the tub and labor for a while.  The contractions were so strong and so hard to get through.

Adam was helping me and supporting me through all of it– and our midwife began to be a bit more active in helping me through the contractions as well.  She also quietly prepared what was needed for the birth and called in two birth assistants to help out.  They quietly set things up, got me plenty to drink, and kept the water in the tub warm for me.

I don’t exactly remember what time it was when I was ready to push- but I remember thinking in my birth preparation that I would enjoy the pushing- that I would be thankful to get to that part.  And while in hindsight- it was great- in the moment….I kinda freaked out.  It was SO scary to be ready to push and to not really know how and to think that there was no backing out….I was the one who was going to have to push this baby out and I had to get it together and do it.
I remember saying “I can’t do this”….and “I need someone to help me!”
Adam held my hands the entire time and encouraged me so kindly and confidently.  And my midwife locked eyes with me and told me that I COULD do it.  She calmly helped me figure out a good pattern to push with, and encouraged me every step of the way.

When Cannon’s head was just starting to come out she looked at me and said “Amy, your baby has a lot of hair!”  So much fun to reach down and feel his soft little head of hair, and to realize that we were SO close to meeting our baby who we had waited for!

I don’t know exactly for how long I pushed….looking back it seems like it was pretty fast, but in the moment probably seemed longer. Adam guessed that I pushed for about 45 min.

Finally I was able to push his sweet little head out and everyone was SO excited!  Then my midwife told me….”Amy, push your baby out!” I didn’t even need to have a contraction to get the rest of his body out and before I knew it my precious son was up and out of the water and on my chest (not without peeing on me first though!).
I cannot even express the joy in that moment and the incredible feeling of having birthed my baby and seeing him for the very first time!

After I delivered the placenta, we were able to enjoy 30-45 min. immediately following his birth with just the three of us before the midwife and the birth assistants came back to do his newborn exam and to check on how I was doing. That time was precious and we just loved staring at our baby’s sweet face!

He was born at 39 weeks exactly on April 11th 2016 at 10:11pm.  He weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and measured 19 1/2 inches long.

After checking on him and me- we were able to get showers and pack up our stuff and we were back at home and in bed within about 3 hours after his birth.

It was all a bit of a whirlwind and the day was pretty crazy- but it was so beautiful! We had a really positive experience and were so thankful for the midwife that we had and the encouragement and positivity that we felt about his birth and the entire process of pregnancy.

God is an incredible Creator and we praise him for the child that he knit in my womb.

Our Cannon is an incredible gift and we feel SO very grateful that the Lord has entrusted us with his life.  This journey has just begun.

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Dear cannon

Dear Cannon,

From the moment that you were a dream in our hearts- we have loved you.  Since finding out that you were growing in my womb on August 12th 2015, we have thanked the Lord for you and treasured your life.

At 10 weeks we were blown away by getting to hear your precious heartbeat.  All your growing and developing in those first weeks made me SO sick and I threw up multiple times a day for weeks and weeks but the minute I saw your sweet face and hands on our 20 week ultrasound, I thought “I would totally do that again!”
Your dad was so surprised when the ultrasound tech told us you were a boy- and I started crying. We were so thankful for a healthy baby boy.

I am so thankful for a healthy body and a safe place for you to grow and develop before we get to hold you in our arms.
God is such a good Creator, and we feel super blessed to be entrusted with your sweet little life.

I have loved every kick and wiggle and stretch, and feel so honored to be the one who gets to be your mama.

We love to talk about what you might look like, whether you’ll have hair (after all this heartburn we sure hope so!),  how much you’ll weigh, and what your personality will be like.

Parenting feels daunting, and we know we’re gonna make mistakes along the way, but we promise to work together and to trust the Lord to teach you the most important things in life.  If we can introduce you to Jesus and help you follow Him with your life,
that’s all we can really ask.

Sweet Cannon, we can’t wait to see your face, to kiss your cheeks and to watch you grow.
Always know how very much you are loved by your
super lucky Mom and Dad.
Anytime you’re ready to come out and meet us,
we’ll be here!

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Growing baby cannon weeks 37-38

  • We feel so grateful to have reached 37 weeks!  The longer Cannon stays put in my belly- the better.  Since we are planning a birth with midwives at a birth center- we needed to be past 37 weeks to deliver there, so it’s definitely made us breathe easier.
  • Cannon definitely dropped this week-which is good and all part of the process- but was SUPER uncomfortable.  Thankfully I have a really patient husband who helped me pull on my jeans and tied my shoes for me. There were a couple of days that I could actually barely walk just with the position that he was in, but thankfully it was alleviated within a few days and I felt a lot better.
  • This week I was really hungry!  Considering how much weight Cannon is putting on at this point, I guess that makes sense!
  • Our midwives have guessed that if we do go to our due date- he will probably weigh in the low 7 lbs or about 7 and a half.
  • Got all my newborn diapers prepped and ready this week- and we basically finished all of the last minute things we wanted to get done/organized just in case he decides to come early at all.

  • This week I felt so much better!  And although with an even bigger tummy than last week- more comfortable.
    I have been taking lots of walks and bouncing away on my yoga ball to help keep him in a good position for birth!
  • Our midwife said he is definitely low and it could be any day….but we also know that babies do their own thing and we could be waiting 3 more weeks!
  • Still super hungry this week- I actually gained 2 whole pounds this week! haha, good thing this journey is almost done!
  • We are so excited at this point to meet our little man!
  • I took a breastfeeding class this week that was super informative and made me feel a lot more prepared and empowered for that part of mothering. I am very thankful for the good resources that we’ve had access to at our birth center.
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Life lately

We are nearing the end of March and so far this year is flying by! This next few weeks might feel a little slower (or maybe not!) as we wait for our sweet Baby Cannon to be born!

While the temps haven’t exactly gotten “warm” yet- the sun is shining and the days are getting lots and lots longer which we are SO thankful for!

January and February tend to be pretty difficult months here in Alaska. The days are cold and dreary and mostly dark and it can be pretty discouraging.  This winter Adam and I haven’t gotten out for as much hiking as we thought or hoped, but we are SO looking forward to having a little spring baby so we can get outside a ton this summer and enjoy all the sunshine and have adventures together!

We are coming up on a year of living in Anchorage, and that feels nuts. God has been SO faithful to us during our time here.  While Alaska is incredibly far from our families, and that can be very difficult at times- we had some dear friends host a baby shower for us a few weeks ago and we were so encouraged by all the people that were there to celebrate our baby and this new season in our lives.

We have been so blessed to be able to use our apartment to host a lot of friends and people passing through Anchorage in need of a place to stay.  Adam and I definitely enjoy hosting and count it as a privilege to be able to serve people in that way.

We celebrated two awesome years of marriage back in January, and while we’re still learning every single day how to love one another better, and how to honor each other in our words and actions…we are blown away by how faithfully the Lord has taught us and how much we have grown together. Our marriage is something I am so proud of because we’ve worked really hard at it, and I am excited to see how we will grow and be challenged as we are taking on new roles as parents.

Since about the first week or so in March– I have been finished with my job at Starbucks.  It’s been great to be home and to be nesting and preparing for our little one.  Work was definitely getting difficult for me- and it was a good time to finish up and let my body get the right amount of rest that it needs as we finish cooking this baby!

Adam and I take turns reminding each other just how much we have to be thankful for.  God has provided for us in so many ways and we truly are grateful for the kindness that He shows us.
Spring is yet another reminder of the way He loves us.

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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 35-36

  • Nasty acid reflux this week
    I have hated that feeling SO much!  Although the papaya enzymes really help a lot, it’s still a really frustrating symptom.
  • I have not really been extra tired or sleepy during this pregnancy….which I have been very thankful for. But this week I really did feel some extra sleepiness. Thankfully I have been sleeping very well!
  • Lots of rib pain this week- hoping that maybe as Cannon starts to drop, some of that pain will be alleviated.
  • Probably one of my most emotional weeks thus far. I think his arrival has just started to feel really close, and although I am very excited, there were just so many emotions going on for me.  It’s a whole new life change and adjustment and I couldn’t be more thankful for this, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not going to feel a little bit overwhelming at times.

  • Since I am home and done with work…comfy clothes are becoming pretty normal!
  • I am moving a lot slower these days and definitely have a waddle going on.
  • This week I got a ton done as far as getting organized and ready for him to BE HERE with us! We are really trying to get all the loose ends wrapped up so that we can settle in and just enjoy these last few weeks before his arrival.
  • We had some friends staying with us this week who had a little baby girl (about 10 months old), and it made Adam and I so excited to see her crawling around our little house and letting her break in some of Cannon’s toys!
  • I still feel like I start the days well- and then just sort of fizzle out the later it gets.
  • We have once a week appointments now with our midwives- which is awesome because we really enjoy them!  He is still head down at this point.
  • We are already so smitten with our baby boy and can’t wait to see his sweet little face!
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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 33-34

  • This week we took our birth class- which exceeded our expectations of how informative and practical it was.  It was very interactive and the lady teaching it did a great job in keeping everyone really involved and covering a lot of really important information.
  • Tons of Braxton Hicks contractions this week!
  • I have started to feel a fair bit more uncomfortable this week. Especially by the end of the day, I feel like it’s hard to get situated into a comfortable position.
  • I also felt kind of just “big” this week.
  • My belly button hasn’t popped out at all- but I think it’s pretty confused, because it just looks really squished.
  • The excitement is hitting us pretty strongly!  We have a lot set up for Cannon already- the crib and changing table are ready to go, and it’s crazy to think that we really are on the last leg of this pregnancy journey!

  • All was well at his appointment this week- and he is head down which is really awesome!  Our midwife thinks we have a good chance that he’ll stay that way.  His little bum is on my left side right now and he likes to stick it way out sometimes!
  • I am still sleeping well, although sometimes it’s just a bit hard to get comfortable.
  • I am SOOOO itchy!  I just want to put lotion on all day and not wear anything tight!
  • I have had heartburn/acid reflux almost this whole pregnancy, and I have never taken anything for it- but the other night I just got kind of mad about it and I told Adam- “that’s it, I am taking something for this acid reflux!” So we asked our midwife and she recommended papaya enzymes.  It’s an all natural supplement to aid with digestion- and it works wonders!  I wish I had asked about it much sooner!
  • Sitting in chairs for long periods of time is extremely uncomfortable and hard for me to stay focused.  By 7pm I just want to be in really comfy clothes and sprawled out on the bed or couch.
  • His movements definitely feel stronger now as the amniotic fluid levels have decreased since he is getting bigger.
  • I ended up having a quit work about 2 weeks earlier than I had planned on and anticipated.  It was just too strenuous, and I was having lots of Braxton Hicks and needed to allow myself the freedom to lie down and take things a bit easier.
  • This week I have gotten a lot of organizing done with his clothes and diapers and I think that with each passing day we are getting more and more excited to have him here!
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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 31-32

  • Down to 9 weeks give or take till we get to hold our sweet baby in our arms!  We are getting SO excited!
  • Work is getting more and more tricky- but I put in my notice this week and have about a month left!
  • This active little guy is constantly kicking, punching, and stretching his legs throughout the day…and I love every minute of it!
  • This week I had a lot of acid fun.
  • I have been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now- I feel them on the daily n
  • ow.
  • Sneezing is dangerous business….all I can do is just hope for the best!

  • Pregnancy is really more like 10 months all said and done…and everyone seems to count things a bit differently- but for me- I’m calling this 8 months pregnant, and that feels crazy!
  • He has been moving like crazy this week! Adam and I have spent lots of time feeling him kick around and we both are so in awe of this whole process….plus we’re wondering, “what is he doing in there???” :)
  • I got to feel hiccups this week!  Such a funny sensation, and really adorable!
  • Still a lot of back and rib pain….this little boy is all up in my business and quite literally taking over a lot of the space that I have been used to having all for myself (selfish lungs and bladder and intestines…haha)
  • We have been SO thankful for our midwives and so far have had wonderful prenatal care.  At our last appointment, all seemed well and he was kicking away as she measured and took his heart rate.  She did say that he is still kind of sideways in my belly- and hopefully before our next appointment he will decide to turn head down!
  • Sleeping is getting a little bit harder…as turning over in the night and frequent bathroom trips are pretty distracting.  Overall though, I really haven’t had any trouble with sleep during pregnancy other than bad dreams.
  • Adam told me that this week he is the most excited he has been…I think because with my growing belly and all the movement he has gotten to feel, it’s starting to seem a bit more real to him, which is so fun!
  • Cannon is roughly 16 1/2 to 17 inches long this week and almost 4 lbs!
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Growing baby cannon weeks 29-30

  • Cannon weighs about 3 lbs now! He’s getting big and I am definitely feeling that!
  • My lower back has been in a lot of pain during this week.
  • Cannon is the most active at night when we are waiting for Adam to get home from work- I lay in bed with my hands on my belly and talk to him and pray for him, and I just love that time.
  • The worst thing lately has been the rib pain- it’s very uncomfortable, and makes sitting for long stretches of time at church or what not, very hard to do.
  • I have continued to have terrible heartburn/acid reflux.
  • I think I tell Adam every single day that I “almost peed my pants” haha, it’s a struggle.
  • 30 weeks!  Yay!  10 more to go till our sweet guy is here!
  • This was the toughest week physically so far (at least since the 1st trimester).  Work was pretty difficult for me, and by the end of a shift I was pretty exhausted and most certainly in need of a warm bath.
  • Still a lot of back pain and rib pain this week.
  • Adam got me a prenatal massage for my birthday that I cashed in on this week!  It was super relaxing and felt amazing.
  • Definitely stronger and more intense movements.  They have now woken me up sometimes or caused me to catch my breath.  It’s so fun though and I would NOT trade them.  A few times now Adam and I both have been able to feel either his hand or foot moving around- which is CRAZY and so weird, but really awesome.
  • We love this little baby so very much already!
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