Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 27-28

  • 27 weeks marked the first week in my third trimester! Under three months till we get to hold our baby in our arms.
  • No heartburn again this week, and I was all about that!
  • Still am loving watching my belly move around while Cannon stretches out and kicks around in there. It’s pretty fascinating and just really fun to watch!
  • We have started to nest more this week! We have a lot of the big things that we need for him and are starting to get organized for his arrival.
  • Work has been starting to feel a lot more difficult- I don’t plan on quitting yet, but I am always SO glad to get home at night and take a warm bath.

  • The heartburn returned with a vengeance this week, which was very disappointing.
  • This week we signed up for a birth class at our birth center for the end of February.
  • I feel like the 28th week was the most noticeable growth of my belly this whole pregnancy- which I have heard is common around the beginning of the third trimester.
  • This was the first week that I really felt sort of just a general “discomfort”.  Whether from leaning over to tie my shoes or paint my nails- or from getting off the couch or out of bed- my protruding belly and the weight that I have gained are catching up to me!
  • Adam has been such an encouragement to me about my changing body and about any physical discomforts that I have been feeling.  Before we went to bed the other night he gave my a hug and said “thanks for carrying Cannon” which I thought was so kind and thoughtful and just sweet of him to say.  I feel pretty lucky to be starting a family with him, cause he’s pretty great, and I think Cannon is a lucky little guy to have a dad like him.
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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 25-26

  • This week my uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball!
  • My belly was definitely very itchy this week, so I was extra careful about applying a good amount of lotion/coconut oil a couple of times a day.
  • Still quite a bit of lower back pain.
  • Simultaneously feeling like April is AGES away, and like it right around the corner!
  • Feeling Cannon move around and kick his little legs brings such joy to my day.  I literally can’t help but smile whenever I feel him move.
  • Heartburn err-day.
  • Wearing exclusively maternity pants, but still quite a few of my normal tops.  I have been lucky to find quite a few good maternity pieces at local thrift stores which has been nice.

  • Last week of the 2nd trimester!
  • This week the heartburn has subsided!! So glad for that, and confused a bit about why it suddenly stopped, but I will definitely take it!
  • Cannon weighs approximately 2 lbs this week, and is about 14 inches long!  Yay baby, keep on growing!
  • Cannon’s movement and kicking this week have been much stronger and much more consistent than any week thus far- he is certainly moving around a lot, and I really really love it.
  • This week started the beginning of bi-weekly appointments with our midwife- everything looked great at our appointment and our sweet little guy seems to be growing right on track and looking very healthy, so we are incredibly thankful for that!
  • Some days I feel and look more pregnant than others, but I will be honest I think that all of the photos I have taken so far make my belly look bigger than it actually is….strangers still wouldn’t recognize that I am pregnant I don’t think- other than maybe from the belly holding that I do a lot these days!
  • Overall during this week I have felt probably the best in pregnancy so far- which has been a big blessing!
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Wrapping up 2 0 1 5

Don’t mind me being all sentimental over here as we wave goodbye to another year and look ahead to all that 2016 holds.
2015 was such a hopeful year for me personally and for Adam and I together.  2014 was beautiful, but really hard and we started 2015 feeling a bit bleak about life and our future.
God is so faithful though and He always holds the future for us.  He brought us so many opportunities and some incredible blessings this year.  It sure wasn’t without some hard days and a big learning curve, but overall, it was a year of a lot of  j o y, and I can’t even say how thankful I am for that.
Here is a few quick highlights from each month of this year:

  J A N U A R Y

We spent time with our families last Christmas which was so special.
On January 4th we celebrated 1 year of marriage!
We really had to lean on each other and encourage one another to look to the Lord as we headed back from Christmas to Port Alsworth and a bit of a tough living situation out there.  We were both feeling pretty down at the beginning of the year, but God totally used that in our lives to draw us closer to one another, and I definitely wouldn’t trade it.

  F E B R U A R Y

In February, we started to seriously think about moving to Anchorage and beginning to look for work there for Adam.
I also started having serious baby fever and Adam and I began really praying about starting a family and the right timing for that.


In March Adam got the job in Anchorage that he had applied for and we began packing and craigslist hunting like mad to prepare for our big move.

 A P R I L

In April we moved to Anchorage!  It was a LOT of work and a lot of logistics to make the move, but God was faithful and really opened doors for us here.  It was a huge learning curve to live in the city together, to shop for furniture, to buy a car, and to look for a church- but it was such a good experience for us, and we were so thankful for the new start.

  M A Y

In May Adam got officially licensed as an airplane mechanic after a lot of studying and 2 1/2 years of hard work!
I started my job at Starbucks in May and we continued to settle into life in Anchorage.


June was full of fun and adventure.  We worked a lot and stayed busy at our jobs, but we also explored a ton.  We got out and enjoyed new sights and trails, and did a ton of hiking.  We played tennis, drank coffee on the porch, rode our bikes together, and went out for ice cream… was perfect and just what we needed.

 J U L Y

In July we soaked in all that summer had to offer!  We went on an epic road trip to Valdez, Alaska- and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Adam and I had an incredible time and got to see so many beautiful views along the way.  We are both a bit type A, but we took it real easy on this trip and just relaxed, it was so fun and such a sweet memory.


In August we were able to explore another part of Alaska and do some camping.  We loved seeing so many new places and learning more about one another as we traveled together a bit.
We also were thrilled to find out in August that we were gonna have a sweet little spring baby!  We were so thankful and excited for God’s gift to us!
It was so fun to be able to tell our families, and to be able to share that joy with them.

 S E P T E M B E R

September was pretty much a blur because I was extremely sick while our sweet baby was growing and developing in those early days.  Morning sickness hit hard and we spent most of our time eating cereal and watching shows on Netflix in between trips to the bathroom.  Fun times.


In October we told everyone that we were expecting which was such a joy!
We went to visit my family in Nashville for a family reunion and for my brother’s wedding.  It was such a blessing to be able to see almost all of my siblings and to be encouraged with how everyone is doing. Lots of special memories made for sure!


In November we hit the half-way point in pregnancy and found out that our sweet baby is a BOY!  Couldn’t be happier to be welcoming our son Cannon Elijah in the spring.
We had a really special Thanksgiving together cooking up a storm and snuggling the day away!
We also started becoming more involved in our church and a small group which we are loving and feeling so encouraged by.

 D E C E M B E R

Adam traveled some in December, and we hosted several friends and made lots of trips to the airport dropping people off and picking them up for their Christmas travels.  We love hosting people and getting the chance to love people in the practical way of giving them a bed to sleep in and good coffee to drink in the morning.
We had a special Christmas with friends and are busy counting God’s incredible blessings to us this year.
We end the year being almost 25 weeks pregnant with our son and in anxious anticipation of what’s ahead and the ways that God is going to work in our hearts in this new year.

Wishing each of you an ignited passion for the Lord this year, a heart that is broken for those who don’t know Christ, humility in your life, marriage, and family, hope on days that are hard, and thankfulness in the mundane.
Many blessings to each of you in 2016!

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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 23-24

  • Feeling stronger kicks all the time and beginning to sense a rhythm with his movements as far as times of day when he is more active.
  • This was the first week we could start to SEE kicks!  So much fun!  Adam and I have spent a lot of time just watching my belly when he is kicking a lot to see where he moves next.  So much fun and such a joy!
  • This week I bought a few clothes for him at the thrift store- just some basics to have on hand.
  • The heartburn has continued for sure, and everyone has been telling me that a lot of heartburn in pregnancy means baby will have a lot of hair??  With two light-headed parents, I don’t know about that, but we’ll see!
  • This week I have been getting just very excited for him to be born!  I am trying to enjoy pregnancy and each stage that comes with it, but definitely feeling excited to meet this little boy, to see what he looks like, and to get to hold him on the outside!
  • I told Adam this week “I love being pregnant” during those first weeks when I never thought I would feel human again- I definitely didn’t think I would be able to say that- but this whole process is just a miracle to be a part of, and I am thankful for a healthy body that is helping me to carry this little man and to be a safe place for him to grow.

  • This week I feel like my belly is really sticking out there!  It was for sure more noticeable at work. It’s a strange thing to know that other people are sort of watching your belly as it grows! I will say that my green work apron is definitely NOT the most flattering for maternity style, but other than that, I am having fun dressing with this belly!
  • Sweet Cannon is a busy guy in there, and I just love feeling him move around.
  • I am feeling pretty strongly now that we need to start preparing some things and getting ready for him to join our family.  I kinda hate baby “stuff” all the crazy gizmos and gadgets that the baby apps tell you just HAVE to have for your child.  I figure as long as we have the basics- diapers, a carseat, and a place for him to sleep and US- we should be pretty good!
  • Heartburn.
  • When I have to go to the bathroom- I for real, HAVE to go to the bathroom.
  • I have had a lot more discomfort in my belly area- I think it’s just stretching to make room for this growing baby!
  • Can’t believe we are in just the last few weeks before the third trimester! Crazy.
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Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas Everyone!  This time of year is just wonderful!

One of my favorite traditions is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards from family and friends!  I love hearing updates in a more personal way about people’s year and how their family is doing, as well as having such fun and festive photos/cards to add to my refrigerator.

Here is the photo and the newsletter that we sent out this year!

Merry Christmas!

As cliche as it is to say- it feels like we blinked and this year was gone! The Christmas season is here again and we will be ringing in a new year in just a couple of weeks! As quickly as 2015 went, we also feel like SO very much happened and this year was a full one for us.

This year we saw so many sweet reminders of God’s faithfulness and goodness to us. In April we moved from Port Alsworth to Anchorage, for a new job for Adam. In May he successfully passed all of his testing after working for 2 1/2 years as an apprentice and received all the paperwork to be a officially licensed Airplane Mechanic! It feels like a huge accomplishment, and we are so thankful. He has been learning a lot in his new job and is thankful for good co-workers and a chance to build some really great experience. God opened so many doors for us in Anchorage and we definitely know this is where we are supposed to be for now, which is a great feeling.

Amy has gotten back to her Barista roots and has been working at Starbucks here in Anchorage. She has enjoyed the job a lot and it’s been a great place to work. She has a lot of really great co-workers and definitely enjoys the camaraderie, the relationships with regular customers, and the free coffee!

We learned a lot moving to the “city” as we transitioned to a bit more of a normal way of life than we had been used to for the past several years. It’s been fun to experience new things together, and to see all the growth in our lives over the past year.

We had such a fun summer adventuring around Alaska. We camped and hiked a lot and were able to take several road trips to see more of this beautiful state. We have loved seeing new sights and getting to build beautiful memories together.

This fall we were able to spend time in Nashville, TN celebrating Amy’s brother’s wedding and having a family reunion of sorts. It was a huge blessing to be able to see so much of the family and to have a time to reconnect with people we love and care about so much.

This fall we were thrilled to be able to announce that we’d be adding another Hodgdon to our clan in the spring. We are due with our sweet son Cannon Elijah in April, and are so looking forward to his arrival! Children are a blessing from the Lord and we are so thankful for this addition to our family that has already brought us so much joy.

As the year comes to a close, and we reflect on all that this last year has brought our way, our hearts are filled with thankfulness for all the blessings in our lives- the little things and the big things. We are thankful for God’s grace in the midst of everyday life and decisions, and are challenged to live our lives seeking to be a blessing and testimony to others. 

We hope that this Christmas season brings much joy to your hearts as we all are reminded of the incredible gift of God’s only Son, our Salvation.


Adam and Amy Hodgdon

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Growing Baby Cannon Weeks 17-22

I didn’t document with photos too much during the first trimester- that’s mostly because I didn’t look pregnant at all, but by 17 weeks I had a cute little belly going on.
I have written a lot down in my journal about thoughts/emotions/feelings during this time and wanted to write it out here as well!

  • Still waiting to find out baby’s gender and SO excited!
  • Patiently waiting to feel baby move. I spend time every morning with both hands on my belly praying for our little one and so excited to feel movement!
  • Started wearing maternity pants this week and they really helped me feel a lot more confident and comfortable with a growing belly.
  • BAD heartburn!  Not a fun symptom, but certainly better than vomiting.
  • Only randomly throwing up maybe once a week at this point.
  • We have a boys name chosen and finalized (from about week 6 or 7), and finally finalized girls name this week!

  • Started feeling baby kicks at 19 weeks exactly and LOVED it! Such a special and precious feeling to have the reassurance of movement.
  • Found out that we are having a baby BOY!  Loving calling Cannon by name and praying for his tiny little life.
  • So much thankfulness that everything from the ultrasound looked really great, and that Cannon is growing and is doing so well!
  • Still bad heartburn.
  • Adam was also able to feel Cannon kick!
  • Feeling like my belly is sticking out more and more- although a customer at work told me I looked “skinny”…they meant it as a compliment and I didn’t bother to inform them that I was in fact 5 months pregnant.
  • Overall feeling really great!

  • The main thing is- I need to be aware of where the bathroom is at all times.  This bladder is getting weak and in need of bathroom breaks pretty often!
  • Feeling more comfortable with being pregnant now that my belly is getting more and more round.
  • Feeling Cannon kick SO much and just loving every minute of it!
  • Made our first purchase for Cannon on Cyber Monday- something he will be using a lot of- cloth diapers!
  • Still having a lot of icky heartburn.
  • My lower back has been SO sore, and I’ve been trying to combat that with a lot of stretching and yoga.
  • Feeling incredibly grateful to be this little boys’ mom!
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Making Lattes Means Something

I don’t talk a lot about my job here or online at all, it’s just something I tend to keep pretty separate.  But I wanted to share some things I have learned lately in the area of shame related to what you do for employment.

I currently work at Starbucks as a barista- and I really love it.  Mind you it’s not something I would want to (or plan to for that matter) do for the rest of my life- but it’s a fun job, keeps me super busy, and works awesome for my schedule.

You would think that would be enough right, that I enjoy it?
This summer a lot of times- thoughts would creep up in my mind though of embarrassment that I “just work at Starbucks”.
As we were meeting new people and introducing ourselves I would find myself shying away from that question and answering as if, “oh…it’s really boring and not important and kinda dumb…. j u s t  Starbucks”

As people sit around and talk about their occupations, job titles, and struggles at work- I often felt “job shame” like what I do for employment is so much lesser than someone who has a job that requires a college degree or has a fancier title.

I have felt over the years at some points embarrassed that the only jobs I am really “qualified for” are watching other people’s kids and making coffee….and that feels hard sometimes in a world that pushes careers and women in the workforce so strongly.

Here’s the thing though– I am really growing in this area, and regardless of what anyone might think, I am proud of my job at Starbucks and my role there…and I am t h a n k f u l  to have a good job.  Work is about so much more than your title or even your pay grade- it’s about the quality of work that you do, the attitude in which you do it with, and the fact that work itself is sacred no matter what it is.

Making lattes, wiping counters down, warming up sandwiches, and stocking milk is good work and valuable work- because it needs done.
And for the record- working as a barista calls for quick thinking, crazy multitasking, excellent customer service, and in general, hard work- and there’s definitely no shame in that.

Recently I was telling my husband how thankful I am for my job because I feel like it’s exactly the place that I should be.  I am so thankful for the relationships that I have at work and the ways that I have felt challenged to really depend on the Lord for my actions and words.  I love the interaction that I have with regular customers who stop by and the camaraderie that I have with my co-workers as we make coffee for the masses.

All of this to say that really, no matter what it is that you earn a paycheck from, whether it’s answering phones, scrubbing toilets, mowing lawns, or working an assembly line, you are there for a reason to do the best work that you can, to be a testimony, and to create meaningful relationships with those you are around.  Knowing and remembering the greater goal and bigger purpose of our lives here on earth can really get us through the hard days and the tedious-ness of some of days of work.  So wash those dishes, clean up after those kids, change that oil, or bag those groceries as unto the Lord.

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November Days

It has very quickly turned from fall to winter here.  Temperatures have dropped, coats are a must, and instead of leaves falling to the ground- it’s snowflakes!

I am a fair weather winter fan…so for now I LOVE the snow and the cold- but after Christmas time or so it’s gets a bit harder for me.
Thankfully that’s when the days start to get longer and you can see spring in the distance.  Plus we have a pretty exciting addition being added to our lives in the spring, so that gives us lots to plan and prepare for in these winter months as we look forward to the arrival of our sweet Baby.

For now though we are very much looking forward to this Holiday season.  We are in such a different place not just physically but emotionally and mentally than last year around this time since we moved this year and are expecting a little one.  We are not going to be traveling at all for Thanksgiving or Christmas- so we’re looking forward to working on traditions and special things for our family.

We bought a Christmas tree this week that was on sale at Michaels- and it took everything inside me to leave it in the box when we got home- since we plan on waiting till after Thanksgiving to decorate our house for Christmas.  I always think it’s so fun and special to set things up in a cozy way for the month of December.

We’ve been living in Anchorage for over 6 months now which feels crazy- but we’re so thankful for where God has brought us and the ways that He’s working in our lives.  We are continually thankful for our apartment and the space we have to use ourselves and to hopefully be a blessing to others with.

We have settled into a church that we really love and are excited about and that feels like a huge blessing.  Finding community is tricky- and it’s been so awesome to feel welcomed into a church family and to begin to build some relationships there.

Pregnancy is getting better and better– the first trimester knocked me down for sure but I really have started to feel a lot better.  I told my sisters that I finally am starting to actually feel pregnant instead of just feeling like I have bad food poisoning!  Each week things change though and that feels like it’s making the time go by quickly!  We are almost 19 weeks- which means we’re close to half-way and almost ready to find out if our sweet baby is a boy or a girl!
We’re so excited to know the gender.  We have our names picked out and can’t wait to start calling our little one by name and continuing to look forward to his/her arrival.

I spend time each morning when I first wake up with my hands on my stomach praying for our baby and hoping that soon I will start to feel some kicks in there.

I don’t necessarily look pregnant quite yet to where a stranger would know- but this belly is definitely beginning to pop out- which is fun.  And it’s not that I can’t button my jeans anymore- I just refuse to because it’s not comfortable anymore.  I have been rubber banding them for a few weeks and wearing a belly-band, which is lots more comfortable.

Adam did buy me two pairs of maternity pants this week though that are making my life MUCH more comfortable and confident with a belly that’s sticking out.

In this season of  t h a n k f u l n e s s  it feels like the blessings in our lives are abundant, and we are praying that we steward this season well in our lives as we trust God for each new day.

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Cannon Elijah

Two weeks ago we had our big ultrasound to check on baby and to find out whether we would be having a son or a daughter- and to our surprise and excitement- we are having a BOY!

We were anticipating finding out the gender SO much- just ready to stop calling our baby “it”, and to be able to talk about him by name, to pray for him by name, and to look forward to the future with his life feeling really tangible.

We woke up early, I literally felt like it was Christmas morning and we headed out.  My stomach hurt and my hands were sweating cause I was so excited/nervous.  We had a wonderful ultrasound technician who was just super kind and really took time and care to ensure that we knew what we were looking at on the ultrasound.  It was
i n c r e d i b l e  to see his spine, his sweet profile, and his perfect little hands and feet.  He was moving around a lot and swallowing a lot during the ultrasound.  For a little bit he was tapping his one foot and keeping pretty good rhythm!  Talented little man :)

Watching a sweet little human life on ultrasound like that, you can’t help but just praise God and be overwhelmed at His creativity and goodness.

When she was near the end of getting all the measurements she needed and was about to tell us the gender- we were on the edge of our seats!  It was crazy to hear her say that clearly he was a boy!  I had really thought it was a boy for most of this pregnancy, but recently both of us had been leaning a bit more towards girl.

Either way we would have been crazy thankful and excited.  The main thing that we are praising the Lord for is healthy growth and strength for this little man as he keeps on getting bigger!

After the ultrasound, we went to Target and picked out a few outfits for Cannon.  I hadn’t bought anything at all baby related, and it was so fun just to pick out something special for our son!

A lot of people have asked where his name came from, so here’s how we decided on Cannon Elijah:

Cannon was a name that we thought of probably a year ago while on a hike when we lived in Port Alsworth.  I think we were just discussing when we might like to start a family and talking about a good timeline for us.  We threw out a few baby names we liked and one of them was Cannon.  Adam initially didn’t like it at all, but really warmed up to it since finding out that we were pregnant this fall.

Cannon is a French name that means “young wolf, or an official in the church”- and I will be honest and say that we picked it not because it has a deep meaning, but because we just really liked it.  We love the sound with our last name, it’s very manly, and we felt like it was the perfect balance of unique and interesting without being weird or obscure.

Elijah means “Jehovah is God” which of course we love.  Elijah is also one of my favorite characters in the Bible and we love the man that he was in his generation- a voice, a leader, a man of faithfulness.  He certainly wasn’t perfect, but God used him in the midst of his human frailties.

We couldn’t be happier about Cannon’s life and can’t wait to meet him in April.
Thank you all SO much for being excited with us on this journey, and for your prayers for us as we start a new chapter.

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Whittier | Seward | Homer || Roadtrip Adventures

A couple of weeks back we decided to hit the road again for another adventure.  We headed south of Anchorage this time without much of a plan to see what there was to see.  The destination in Alaska really is the journey!  All the driving is incredibly beautiful and makes hours in the car without AC really worth it!

The first day we went to Whittier to which Adam said “Whittier not, here we come!” Pretty witty guy!  :)  Whittier isn’t too far from Anchorage, maybe like 40 miles south of here.  You have to pay a toll to get there- and then take a 2 1/2 mile long tunnel through a mountain that’s dark and cold and only one lane!  But it was worth it because it was really pretty!  It was a beautiful harbor town filled with boats and fishing and little restaurants along the coast.
We enjoyed just walking around, having a little picnic and taking in the beautiful scenery!

After Whittier, we drove down to Seward- which was a really cute little town with fun shops in the downtown area.  We went to the Alaska Sea Life Center, and then had dinner at a cute little food truck called Red’s Burgers.  They had seating in an old school bus- and were playing a really great oldies mix, so it felt like a 50’s diner.  It was really fun and the food was amazing!  I decided on getting the garlic burger- which was truly awesome but had an ungodly amount of garlic on it which proved to be less than awesome since we were tenting- and that burger gave me pretty strong garlic breath for like 24 hours!  haha.  I have a good-sport of a husband!

Homer was our next stop– and it was also really fun and unique.  It was larger than Seward and Whittier- and the main attraction was the Homer Spit- which is actually the second longest in the world.
We had fun walking along it looking in the shops and listening to the sound of the waves.  We also spent a lot of time at our campground just relaxing and chatting around the fire.

We had a really great trip and so enjoyed the drive time together.
We definitely feel like there’s more to see at all the places we stopped though and we’ll for sure head back again sometime to do more hiking and looking around.

We’re so thankful for the sweet summer we’ve had and the adventures we’ve been on together.  This life we’re building together is really precious and we’re so grateful.

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