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This year so far I have been on a pretty good reading kick.  I was in a book club for a while which was helpful and motivating, and then there have just been a lot of books that really captured my attention and I sped right through.

And, since moving to Anchorage….I have to tell you, I am over-the-moon excited to be a library patron again.  First chance I got, I went to the library to get my very own card.  I can’t wait to spend hours reading there in a quiet corner, or browsing through books aimlessly for an evening of free entertainment.

Right before we moved from Port Alsworth, I finally got around to jumping on the Shauna Niequist band wagon and read her book “Bittersweet”.  Oh friends, it was exactly what I needed to read in that emotion-filled season.  She had so many good things to say in the book about the dance that life is between the sweetness and joy we are blessed to experience, and the bitterness and suffering we must endure.  It was written from true depth of experience, and I highly recommend it.
She shares from a place of humility and encouragement, and throws in humor as well.
(it is not currently in these photos, because I promptly mailed it to one of my sisters to read when I was finished with it!)

Here is a quote that I loved in the book:

I just finished her book “Bread and Wine” which was equally wonderful!  Her writing is really unique and I love the style in which she writes.  Her books are basically a collection of essays and she is able to really translate everyday life into beautiful stories that you can learn from.  Bread and Wine focused on the idea of hospitality, community, and food.  She tells stories of gatherings around the table, and she includes recipes throughout the book as well that are really great! (lots are gluten free which is a plus!)

Last week I finished “Notes from a Blue Bike” by Tsh Oxenreider, and this week I am about half-way through Cold Tangerines, and loving it.

If you have a chance to pick up one of these books- I don’t think you’ll regret it!

What are YOUR current book recommendations?
I would love to hear one or two that you are loving right now in the comments if you’d like to share!


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