Summer Adventures || Eklutna Lake

Adam and I feel like this is our summer to explore!  We are new to town and to all the awesome places around us- so we picked up a map of the state, and a book about local hikes, and we’re hoping to make the most of our middle-of-the-week weekends with one another!

Last week we went up to Eklutna Lake to have a picnic and to hike around.  It was an incredible day, the weather was just amazing, and we had an awesome time!  One of our favorite things about living in Alaska- is that when you drive to go someplace….it’s not just the destination that’s really cool, but the entire drive feels really breathtaking!  I am not sure there is a place that I have enjoyed driving more!  Plus we just feel really lucky to be able to go places together, and that’s another big part of it.

These beautiful flowers were drooping over from all the dew- but they looked SO pretty!

We are coming up on a year and a half of marriage and Adam and I have been through lots together in our 3 year dating and marriage relationship.  We are better friends now than we’ve ever been, and we are thankful for all the things we’ve learned and grown in together.

We hiked a loop trail while there, had a picnic in the sunshine, sat by the lake, and collected driftwood pieces for home decor- because driftwood is so beautiful!

Ironically I have zero pictures of the lake- but it was really really beautiful!  I love taking pictures of our times together exploring, but sometimes it’s important to just be present and to enjoy the moment as it is without worrying about having a photo to share with others.  I think there’s a good balancing act in that, and I am still learning!

We’re excited to document our summer of adventures though and for all the beautiful sites we hope to see!
Our Creator has made a really beautiful place here in Alaska- and we are so thankful to be able to enjoy His character through the beauty around us.

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