Summer Adventures || Winner Creek Hike

A couple of weeks ago we headed South to Girdwood to hike the Winner Creek trail- and it was NOT a disappointment!  It was so beautiful and a really fun afternoon trip!

It was a really rainy day, but the weather was actually really great for hiking.  The trail was very well maintained, and there were a lot of fun places to stop and take photos along the way.  The highlight was a beautiful waterfall, and then a hand tram at the end of the trail that went over a gorge.  It was hard to get photos of the tram- but it was lots of fun!

I would say the best dates that Adam and I have are getting out and driving/hiking somewhere.  Where phones are put away and there aren’t the distractions that are around at home or at a busy restaurant.
Just being outside, being together and doing something fun together.

We don’t often listen to music in the car- so it’s a great time to talk and catch up and just process life.  And then being out in God’s creation and making memories together is just precious.  I love all the places we’ve gone together and the adventures we’ve had.

Winner Creek is one of the prettiest places we’ve been in Alaska so far I do believe!  If we ever have visitors to the state- this is definitely a place that we would take them!

I never thought that I would ever live in Alaska– it was never on my radar and I never could have foreseen the beautiful path that God would lead my life on.  But that path- though harder and steeper than anticipated led me to my wonderful husband, my dearest friend, and my soulmate and I would follow this man anywhere.

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