Summer Days

As I look over at my sleeping boy I am realizing how quickly this time is passing by.  He’s growing and changing so fast and these past 3 1/2 months with him in our lives have been absolutely precious.

All these little moments are so precious, and so far our summer has been so wonderful. While I typically like to post photos from my DSLR to the blog…this summer it’s just been easier to get photos from my trusty i-phone and these little squares are my most precious memories from this season. From simple picnics in the park, to skipping rocks at the lake, long walks along the coast, and ice cream dates….these summer days have been some of my favorites.  Cannon has been so amazing as we’ve kept him pretty busy this summer.  There is nothing he loves more than being carried in the ergo on a hike though- it’s the perfect place to look around for a few minutes and then to get a good nap in!

This is my fourth summer in Alaska and every summer I’m here I enjoy the long days even more!  So much daylight for adventures and so much sunshine to enjoy!

We have so very much to be grateful for, and we are daily reminded of God’s goodness to us.

I can’t believe that we’re in August already.  Before we know it…the days are gonna get shorter and shorter, the weather is gonna cool down, and we’ll be getting ready for fall- but until then- we’re gonna soak in as much summertime goodness as we can!

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