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A couple of weeks back we decided to hit the road again for another adventure.  We headed south of Anchorage this time without much of a plan to see what there was to see.  The destination in Alaska really is the journey!  All the driving is incredibly beautiful and makes hours in the car without AC really worth it!

The first day we went to Whittier to which Adam said “Whittier not, here we come!” Pretty witty guy!  :)  Whittier isn’t too far from Anchorage, maybe like 40 miles south of here.  You have to pay a toll to get there- and then take a 2 1/2 mile long tunnel through a mountain that’s dark and cold and only one lane!  But it was worth it because it was really pretty!  It was a beautiful harbor town filled with boats and fishing and little restaurants along the coast.
We enjoyed just walking around, having a little picnic and taking in the beautiful scenery!

After Whittier, we drove down to Seward- which was a really cute little town with fun shops in the downtown area.  We went to the Alaska Sea Life Center, and then had dinner at a cute little food truck called Red’s Burgers.  They had seating in an old school bus- and were playing a really great oldies mix, so it felt like a 50’s diner.  It was really fun and the food was amazing!  I decided on getting the garlic burger- which was truly awesome but had an ungodly amount of garlic on it which proved to be less than awesome since we were tenting- and that burger gave me pretty strong garlic breath for like 24 hours!  haha.  I have a good-sport of a husband!

Homer was our next stop– and it was also really fun and unique.  It was larger than Seward and Whittier- and the main attraction was the Homer Spit- which is actually the second longest in the world.
We had fun walking along it looking in the shops and listening to the sound of the waves.  We also spent a lot of time at our campground just relaxing and chatting around the fire.

We had a really great trip and so enjoyed the drive time together.
We definitely feel like there’s more to see at all the places we stopped though and we’ll for sure head back again sometime to do more hiking and looking around.

We’re so thankful for the sweet summer we’ve had and the adventures we’ve been on together.  This life we’re building together is really precious and we’re so grateful.

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