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Don’t mind me being all sentimental over here as we wave goodbye to another year and look ahead to all that 2016 holds.
2015 was such a hopeful year for me personally and for Adam and I together.  2014 was beautiful, but really hard and we started 2015 feeling a bit bleak about life and our future.
God is so faithful though and He always holds the future for us.  He brought us so many opportunities and some incredible blessings this year.  It sure wasn’t without some hard days and a big learning curve, but overall, it was a year of a lot of  j o y, and I can’t even say how thankful I am for that.
Here is a few quick highlights from each month of this year:

  J A N U A R Y

We spent time with our families last Christmas which was so special.
On January 4th we celebrated 1 year of marriage!
We really had to lean on each other and encourage one another to look to the Lord as we headed back from Christmas to Port Alsworth and a bit of a tough living situation out there.  We were both feeling pretty down at the beginning of the year, but God totally used that in our lives to draw us closer to one another, and I definitely wouldn’t trade it.

  F E B R U A R Y

In February, we started to seriously think about moving to Anchorage and beginning to look for work there for Adam.
I also started having serious baby fever and Adam and I began really praying about starting a family and the right timing for that.


In March Adam got the job in Anchorage that he had applied for and we began packing and craigslist hunting like mad to prepare for our big move.

 A P R I L

In April we moved to Anchorage!  It was a LOT of work and a lot of logistics to make the move, but God was faithful and really opened doors for us here.  It was a huge learning curve to live in the city together, to shop for furniture, to buy a car, and to look for a church- but it was such a good experience for us, and we were so thankful for the new start.

  M A Y

In May Adam got officially licensed as an airplane mechanic after a lot of studying and 2 1/2 years of hard work!
I started my job at Starbucks in May and we continued to settle into life in Anchorage.


June was full of fun and adventure.  We worked a lot and stayed busy at our jobs, but we also explored a ton.  We got out and enjoyed new sights and trails, and did a ton of hiking.  We played tennis, drank coffee on the porch, rode our bikes together, and went out for ice cream…..it was perfect and just what we needed.

 J U L Y

In July we soaked in all that summer had to offer!  We went on an epic road trip to Valdez, Alaska- and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Adam and I had an incredible time and got to see so many beautiful views along the way.  We are both a bit type A, but we took it real easy on this trip and just relaxed, it was so fun and such a sweet memory.


In August we were able to explore another part of Alaska and do some camping.  We loved seeing so many new places and learning more about one another as we traveled together a bit.
We also were thrilled to find out in August that we were gonna have a sweet little spring baby!  We were so thankful and excited for God’s gift to us!
It was so fun to be able to tell our families, and to be able to share that joy with them.

 S E P T E M B E R

September was pretty much a blur because I was extremely sick while our sweet baby was growing and developing in those early days.  Morning sickness hit hard and we spent most of our time eating cereal and watching shows on Netflix in between trips to the bathroom.  Fun times.


In October we told everyone that we were expecting which was such a joy!
We went to visit my family in Nashville for a family reunion and for my brother’s wedding.  It was such a blessing to be able to see almost all of my siblings and to be encouraged with how everyone is doing. Lots of special memories made for sure!


In November we hit the half-way point in pregnancy and found out that our sweet baby is a BOY!  Couldn’t be happier to be welcoming our son Cannon Elijah in the spring.
We had a really special Thanksgiving together cooking up a storm and snuggling the day away!
We also started becoming more involved in our church and a small group which we are loving and feeling so encouraged by.

 D E C E M B E R

Adam traveled some in December, and we hosted several friends and made lots of trips to the airport dropping people off and picking them up for their Christmas travels.  We love hosting people and getting the chance to love people in the practical way of giving them a bed to sleep in and good coffee to drink in the morning.
We had a special Christmas with friends and are busy counting God’s incredible blessings to us this year.
We end the year being almost 25 weeks pregnant with our son and in anxious anticipation of what’s ahead and the ways that God is going to work in our hearts in this new year.

Wishing each of you an ignited passion for the Lord this year, a heart that is broken for those who don’t know Christ, humility in your life, marriage, and family, hope on days that are hard, and thankfulness in the mundane.
Many blessings to each of you in 2016!

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